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Alumni Remembrances

"A life well-lived is a precious gift of hope, of strength, of grace
From those who made our world ---a brighter, better place.
When the Lord called Classmates home, He left us the gift of memories."

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First Name Middle/Maiden Name Last Name Class Year Transition Year
L. S. Brown 1917 1964 Tribute/Obituary
James Edward Bowman Sr., D.D.S. 1922 2005 Tribute/Obituary
Alyce Lillian Ellis Dixon 1925 2016 Tribute/Obituary
Alice Landria Grant Spraggins 1925 2014 Tribute/Obituary
Althea Virginia Carroll Bacon 1930 2017 Tribute/Obituary
Charles Lewis Wesley, Sr. 1931 2014 Tribute/Obituary
C. Mason Quick, M. D. 1932 2008 Tribute/Obituary
Elsie Lowery Dandridge Dancy 1933 2016 Tribute/Obituary
Marjorie Lockley Mack 1935 2017 Tribute/Obituary
Sen. Edward W. Brooke III 1936 2015 Tribute/Obituary
Walter Wesley Hyson 1936 2016 Tribute/Obituary
Lucretia M. Paschall 1936 2016 Tribute/Obituary
Dr. George H. Butcher, Jr. 1937 2016 Tribute/Obituary
Bernice Felton Henry 1938 2016 Tribute/Obituary
Harrison J. Parker, Jr. 1938 2016 Tribute/Obituary
James Edward Bowman, Jr., M.D. 1939 N/A Tribute/Obituary
Althea Virginia Carroll Bacon 1940 2017 Tribute/Obituary
H. Minton Francis 1940 2014 Tribute/Obituary
Sylvia Hodge 1940 2016 Tribute/Obituary
Vernal Whitaker James 1940 2016 Tribute/Obituary